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These oils are suitable for use in aromatherapy
burners & diffusers, making bath products & candles.
These oils are STRONG and should not be used on the
skin unless they are diluted using a carrier oil.
If you wish to use these oils as a perfume, try our perfume oil roll-on. Click here

Essential Oils

Eucalyptus, Lemon
Grapefruit, Pink
Lavender 40/42
Lemon, California
Litsea Cubeba
Sweet Orange
Tea Tree

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10 ml - approx. 1/3 oz
Price: $5.00


'** All of our essential oils, fragrance oils, and flavor oils are cosmetic grade.
Use the single use vials for our Making Scents Kits. Order the 10 ml size if buying multiple kits!
Mints NOT recommended for children!
All of the oils listed have been tested in the cold process soap method and found to be suitable using a base of palm, palm kernel, coconut, olive, and almond oils..
To avoid seizing or separation in cold process soaps, we recommended mixing oils and lye at UNDER 100F when using fragrance oils.
Warming the Fragrance oil bottle in a cup of hot water before adding will also aid in avoidance of a failed batch. Further, we recommend a small test batch to determine suitability with your recipe.
Our scents are STRONG, so please use with care! We do NOT recommend applying oils directly to the skin! Use a carrier oil to dilute before direct skin application.

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Lotions, Balms & Butters

Bath salts, oils, teas, and bombs
Bath accessories & gift sets
Design a Gift Basket
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