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EFFECTIVE 10/10/2020


After 25 years OUR BUSINESS HAS CLOSED....


Please join me in welcoming Ternise Schroeder as the new maker of Alaska Naturals Moose Lips!!

Ternise Schroeder (with help and guidance from "Auntie" Denise Smith-Statz) is taking  over the production of our "world famous"  Moose Lips - Alaskan Size Lip Balms



Ternise is not a "typical kid" and Denise is not just an "Auntie". 


I am SO VERY PLEASED and feel incredibly fortunate to pass on this part of my business to a young lady with passion, energy and a true entrepreneurial spirit.   She has been called a "mini-preneur"  from time to time.  She is full of courage and so very capable for a Third Grader (YES, REALLY!) .  Her excitement about having a business of her own is intoxicating.  


For many years Denise was a wholesale client, but she was always so much more than that.  She became a truly good friend almost immediately after we met.   I have watched her mentor and nurture many artisans, crafters and small business owners. I have see her put others needs before her own so many times.   She and her husband Loren have opened their hearts, their home, and their love to this vibrant young girl.  She seems to love the joys of farm life, which is quite different from the village where her life began.   I have no doubt that Ternise has the best possible support system with Denise and Loren by her side. As she ventures into owning her very own business,  I'll  be watching joyfully and following her success.    


You may rest assured that Ternise will be using our original balm recipe and the same quality ingredients you have come to expect.
Auntie Denise will be overseeing all aspects of production and seeing to quality control.  


You can still place an order for Moose Lips BY EMAIL OR PHONE.  
Ternise will have a new page eventually. PLEASE NOTE THAT TO ORDER YOU MUST EMAIL OR CALL (ONLINE ORDERING IS CURRNTLY UNAVAILABLE)   EMAIL: CALL: 907-745-2259 OR 907-982-3363 Please remember our time zone is Alaska Time (5 hrs earlier than the east coast) THE PAYPAL PAYMENT OPTION WILL NOT WORK AT THIS TIME.




To all of you, our loyal customers and friends - 
I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your business and support over the last 25 years.
Many of you have become good friends to me over the years and many more I have never met.

But ALL OF YOU contributed to my success and for that I am eternally grateful.

It has been my sincere please to serve you. 

Here's to a lifetime of sunshine, rainbows, happiness and joy to you all!




















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